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With spring in full swing, this is the perfect time of year to begin thinking about sustainable food choices, and locally grown foods.

Beginning this month, the arlington public library is focusing their arlington reads program on food and sustainability.Usually my husband is my first consideration when i am cooking meals at home.Sometimes, john is the homepage here my anti-Muse.

You see, this you may like there are two ingredients in particular that he despises:Mushrooms and asparagus.The first has become a true point of contention which is not allowed to be discussed.He does not like mushrooms-Period.He doesn appreciate having them inconspicuously sneaked into dishes or the discussion of potential preparations that may convert him to loving fungus.In fact, this written paragraph may get me into some trouble.

Asparagus, on the other hand, is something of an open ingredient.He willing to explore it a bit, but usually with little success.

With all this in mind, these are usually the first two ingredients i choose when i am not cooking for my husband.Thus, john is the anti-Muse.

This asparagus soup falls into the anti-Muse category.

I love this this you may like recipe because the ingredients are simple, the preparation is quick, and the finished bowl can be fussed over to look as if the degree of difficulty was much higher.Best of all, i tried it out on john, and he is willing to tolerate one bowl.Well, sometimes.

I made this dish for my recent cooking class at whole foods, keeping in mind that asparagus will be coming into season soon.This simple soup can be brightened up with a drizzle of olive oil, some lemon zest, and chopped Tiffany Earrings Sale OK fennel fronds.

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