Tiffany 2014 fox The case has divided the community

Threats and bashings over nickel mine development in png 21

Liam fox:The three landowners she's representing want to stop the ramu nickel mine from dumping waste into astrolabe bay off madang on png's north coast.

In march they won a temporary injunction preventing the mine's operator, ramu nico, from constructing a deep-Sea tailings pipeline.

A judge was due to begin hearings today before deciding whether to lift the injunction or make it permanent.

But tiffany nonggorr hasn't heard from the plaintiffs since sunday afternoon.

Tiffany nonggorr:So, what does that mean for the court case?I have absolutely no idea.All we can do is try and locate them.

Liam Tiffany 2014 fox:The case has divided the community into two camps:Those who support the mine;And those who don't want its waste dumped into the bay.

Ms nonggorr says tension has been building, and in the last week it's escalated into intimidation and violence.

Tiffany nongorr:In the last week or so, i've Tiffany Necklaces 2014 Sale been threatened, the plaintiffs have been threatened;We've had to get a police escort.The level of tension has escalated.People that assist me with logistics in madang-Because i live in mt hagen-Have been attacked and also threatened.It's bit of a mess, i must say.

Liam fox:John simoi experienced the intimidation first hand.The anti-Mine campaigner went to pick up the plaintiffs and bring them back across the bay to madang by boat on saturday morning.

He was blocked by a boat full of armed men who demanded to know where the three the homepage here landowners were.

John simoi:They came with a gun point, with a long bush knife and another hunting knife and then they hold us up in the middle of the sea.

Liam fox:Mr simoi says they had to return with a police escort to pick up the men.

John simoi:These thugs they are just, i would say, they are a bunch of opportunists who are, you know, trying to get money from it.

Liam fox:Police have confirmed the incident took place and that a man was arrested after another anti-Mine campaigner was bashed last week.

The rumour floating around madang is that the plaintiffs have flown to port moresby to negotiate with the mine's majority owner, china's metallurgical group this you may like corporation.

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